Package dlm

dlm control daemon and tool

The kernel dlm requires a user daemon to control membership.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
dlm_cleanup alias for libdlm
dlm_close_lockspace alias for dlm_create_lockspace
dlm_create_lockspace manipulate DLM lockspaces
dlm_dispatch alias for libdlm
dlm_get_fd alias for libdlm
dlm_lock acquire or convert a DLM lock
dlm_lock_wait alias for dlm_lock
dlm_ls_lock alias for dlm_lock
dlm_ls_lock_wait alias for dlm_lock
dlm_ls_lockx alias for dlm_lock
dlm_ls_pthread_init alias for libdlm
dlm_ls_unlock alias for dlm_unlock
dlm_ls_unlock_wait alias for dlm_unlock
dlm_new_lockspace alias for dlm_create_lockspace
dlm_open_lockspace alias for dlm_create_lockspace
dlm_pthread_init alias for libdlm
dlm_release_lockspace alias for dlm_create_lockspace
dlm_unlock unlock a DLM lock
dlm_unlock_wait alias for dlm_unlock
libdlm dlm_get_fd, dlm_dispatch, dlm_pthread_init, dlm_ls_pthread_init, dlm_cleanup
File Formats
File Description
dlm.conf dlm_controld configuration file
System Administration
Command Description
dlm_controld dlm cluster control daemon
dlm_stonith a proxy for fencing via stonith/pacemaker
dlm_tool a utility for the dlm and dlm_controld daemon