Package djvulibre

DjVu viewers, encoders, and utilities

DjVu is a web-centric format and software platform for distributing documents
and images. DjVu can advantageously replace PDF, PS, TIFF, JPEG, and GIF for
distributing scanned documents, digital documents, or high-resolution pictures.
DjVu content downloads faster, displays and renders faster, looks nicer on a
screen, and consume less client resources than competing formats. DjVu images
display instantly and can be smoothly zoomed and panned with no lengthy

DjVuLibre is a free (GPL'ed) implementation of DjVu, including viewers,
decoders, simple encoders, and utilities. The browser plugin is in its own
separate sub-package.

Version: 3.5.28

General Commands

any2djvu Convert .ps/.ps.gz/.pdf to .djvu
bzz DjVu general purpose compression utility.
c44 DjVuPhoto encode.
cjb2 Simple DjVuBitonal encoder.
cpaldjvu DjVuDocument encoder for low-color images.
csepdjvu DjVu encoder for separated data files.
ddjvu Command line DjVu decoder.
djvm Manipulate bundled multi-page DjVu documents.
djvmcvt Convert multi-page DjVu documents.
djvu DjVu and DjVuLibre.
djvudigital creates DjVu files from PS or PDF files.
djvudump Display internal structure of DjVu files.
djvuextract Extract chunks from DjVu image files.
djvumake Assemble DjVu image files.
djvups Convert DjVu documents to PostScript.
djvused Multi-purpose DjVu document editor.
djvuserve Generate indirect DjVu documents on the fly.
djvutoxml alias for djvuxml
djvutxt Extract the hidden text from DjVu documents.
djvuxml DjVuLibre XML Tools.
djvuxmlparser alias for djvuxml