Package distrobox

Another tool for containerized command line environments on Linux

Use any linux distribution inside your terminal. Distrobox uses podman
or docker to create containers using the linux distribution of your
choice. Created container will be tightly integrated with the host,
allowing to share the HOME directory of the user, external storage,
external usb devices and graphical apps (X11/Wayland) and audio.


General Commands

distrobox distrobox assemble distrobox-assemble
distrobox-assemble distrobox assemble distrobox-assemble
distrobox-create distrobox create distrobox-create
distrobox-enter distrobox enter distrobox-enter
distrobox-ephemeral distrobox ephemeral distrobox-ephemeral
distrobox-export distrobox-export
distrobox-generate-entry distrobox generate-entry
distrobox-host-exec distrobox-host-exec
distrobox-init distrobox-init
distrobox-list distrobox list distrobox-list
distrobox-rm distrobox rm distrobox-rm
distrobox-stop distrobox stop distrobox-stop
distrobox-upgrade distrobox-upgrade