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Package discount

A command-line utility for converting Markdown files into HTML


DISCOUNT is an implementation of John Gruber's Markdown language in C.
It includes all of the original Markdown features, along with a few
extensions, and passes the Markdown test suite.

Version: 2.2.7

General Commands

discount-makepage convert markdown input to a fully-formed xhtml page
discount-mkd2html markdown to html converter
discount-theme create a web page from a template file
markdown text to html conversion tool

Library Functions

markdown process Markdown documents
mkd-callbacks functions that modify link targets
mkd-functions access and process Markdown documents.
mkd-line do Markdown translation of small items
mkd_cleanup alias for mkd-functions
mkd_compile alias for mkd-functions
mkd_css alias for mkd-functions
mkd_doc_author alias for mkd-functions
mkd_doc_date alias for mkd-functions
mkd_doc_title alias for mkd-functions
mkd_generatecss alias for mkd-functions
mkd_generatehtml alias for mkd-functions
mkd_generateline alias for mkd-line
mkd_in alias for markdown
mkd_line alias for mkd-line
mkd_string alias for markdown


markdown The Markdown text formatting syntax
mkd-extensions Extensions to the Markdown text formatting syntax