Package dictd-server

Server for the Dictionary Server Protocol (DICT)

A server for the DICT protocol. You need to install dictd-usable databases
before you can use this server. Those can be found p.e. at
More information can be found in the INSTALL file in this package.

General Commands
Command Description
colorit a script for markuping the text input
dict_lookup DICT Protocol Client
dictfmt formats a DICT protocol dictionary database
dictfmt_index2suffix Creates a .suffix file from a DICTD database .index file
dictfmt_index2word Creates a .word index file from a DICTD database .index file
dictl wrapper script for dict that permits using utf-8 encoded dictionaries on a...
dictunformat create a raw database file from a .dict and .index file
dictzip compress (or expand) files, allowing random access
System Administration
Command Description
dictd a dictionary database server