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Package dictd-server

Server for the Dictionary Server Protocol (DICT)


A server for the DICT protocol. You need to install dictd-usable databases
before you can use this server. Those can be found p.e. at
More information can be found in the INSTALL file in this package.

Version: 1.13.1

See also: dictd.

General Commands

colorit a script for markuping the text input
dict_lookup DICT Protocol Client
dictfmt formats a DICT protocol dictionary database
dictfmt_index2suffix Creates a .suffix file from a DICTD database .index file
dictfmt_index2word Creates a .word index file from a DICTD database .index file
dictl wrapper script for dict that permits using utf-8 encoded dictionaries on a terminal that is not utf-8 aware.
dictunformat create a raw database file from a .dict and .index file
dictzip compress (or expand) files, allowing random access

System Administration

dictd a dictionary database server