Package dhcpcd

A minimalistic network configuration daemon with DHCPv4, rdisc and DHCPv6 support

The dhcpcd package provides a minimalistic network configuration daemon
that supports IPv4 and IPv6 configuration including configuration discovery
through NDP, DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 protocols.

File Formats (Section 5)
Although dhcpcd can do everything from the command line, there are cases where it's just easier to do it once in a configuration file. Most of the options found...
System Administration (Section 8)
dhcpcd is an implementation of the DHCP client specified in RFC 2131. dhcpcd gets the host information (IP address, routes, etc) from a DHCP server and...
dhcpcd-run-hooks is used by dhcpcd(8) to run any system and user defined hook scripts. System hook scripts are found in /usr/libexec/dhcpcd-hooks and the user...