Package dgit

Integration between git and Debian-style archives

dgit (with the associated infrastructure) makes it possible to
treat the Debian archive as a git repository:

"dgit push" constructs uploads from git commits

"dgit clone" and "dgit fetch" construct git commits from uploads.
General Commands (Section 1)
dgit allows you to treat the Debian archive as if it were a git repository. This is the command line reference.
Miscellanea (Section 7)
dgit treats the Debian archive as a version control system, and bidirectionally gateways between the archive and git. The git view of the package can contain...
This document explains how dgit can be incorporated into a git-buildpackage(1) package-maintenance workflow. This should be read jointly with...
This document describes elements of a workflow for maintaining a non-native Debian package using dgit.
This document describes elements of a workflow for using dgit to maintain a Debian package that uses one of the native source formats ("1.0" & "3.0 (native)").
tutorial for DDs wanting to NMU with git
This tutorial describes how a Debian sponsored contributor and a sponsoring DD (or DM) can collaborate and publish using git. The sponsor must to be intending...
dgit lets you fetch the source code to every package on your system as if your distro used git to maintain all of it. You can then edit it, build updated binary...