Package dgit

Integration between git and Debian-style archives

dgit (with the associated infrastructure) makes it possible to
treat the Debian archive as a git repository:

"dgit push" constructs uploads from git commits

"dgit clone" and "dgit fetch" construct git commits from uploads.
General Commands
Command Description
dgit git integration with the Debian archive
Name Description
dgit principles of operation
dgit-downstream-dsc setting up dgit push for a new distro
dgit-maint-bpo tips for maintaining official Debian backports
dgit-maint-debrebase tutorial for package maintainers, using a workflow centered around...
dgit-maint-gbp tutorial for package maintainers already using git-buildpackage(1)
dgit-maint-merge tutorial for package maintainers, using a workflow centered around git-merge(1)
dgit-maint-native tutorial for package maintainers of Debian-native packages
dgit-nmu-simple tutorial for DDs wanting to NMU with git
dgit-sponsorship tutorial for Debian upload sponsorship, using git
dgit-user making and sharing changes to Debian packages, with git