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Package devscripts

Scripts for Debian Package maintainers


Scripts to make the life of a Debian Package maintainer easier.

Version: 2.23.7

See also: devscripts-checkbashisms.

General Commands

add-patch alias for edit-patch
annotate-output annotate program output with time and stream
bts developers' command line interface to the Debian Bug Tracking System
build-rdeps find packages that depend on a specific package to build (reverse build depends)
chdist script to easily play with several distributions
cowpoke Build a Debian source package in a remote cowbuilder instance
cvs-debc view contents of a cvs-buildpackage/cvs-debuild generated package
cvs-debi install cvs-buildpackage/cvs-debuild generated package
cvs-debrelease upload a cvs-buildpackage/cvs-debuild generated package
cvs-debuild build a Debian package using cvs-buildpackage and debuild
dcmd expand file lists of .dsc/.changes files in the command line
dd-list nicely list .deb packages and their maintainers
deb-janitor interact with the Debian Janitor service
deb-reversion simple script to change the version of a .deb file
deb-why-removed shows the reason a package was removed from the archive
debbisect bisect snapshot.debian.org
debc view contents of a generated Debian package
debchange Tool for maintenance of the debian/changelog file in a source package
debcheckout checkout the development repository of a Debian package
debclean clean up a sourcecode tree
debcommit commit changes to a package
debdiff compare file lists in two Debian packages
debdiff-apply apply a debdiff to a Debian source package
debi install current version of generated Debian package
debootsnap create debian chroot using snapshot.debian.org
debrebuild use a buildinfo file and snapshot.d.o to recreate binary packages
debrelease a wrapper around dupload or dput
debrepro reproducibility tester for Debian packages
debrsign remotely sign a Debian .changes and .dsc file pair using SSH
debsign sign a Debian .changes and .dsc file pair using GPG
debsnap retrieve old snapshots of Debian packages
debuild build a Debian package
dep3changelog generate a changelog entry from a DEP3-style patch header
desktop2menu create a menu file skeleton from a desktop file
devscripts scripts to ease the lives of Debian developers
dget Download Debian source and binary packages
diff2patches Extract non-debian/ patches from .diff.gz files
dpkg-depcheck determine packages used to execute a command
dpkg-genbuilddeps generate a list of packages used to build this package
dscextract extract a single file from a Debian source package
dscverify verify the validity of a Debian package
edit-patch tool for preparing patches for Debian source packages
getbuildlog download build logs from Debian auto-builders
git-deborig try to produce Debian orig.tar using git-archive(1)
grep-excuses search the testing excuses files for a specific maintainer
hardening-check check binaries for security hardening features
list-unreleased display UNRELEASED packages
ltnu lists packages of a maintainer ordered by last upload
manpage-alert check for binaries without corresponding manpages
mass-bug mass-file a bug report against a list of packages
mergechanges merge multiple changes files
mk-build-deps build a package satisfying a package's build-dependencies
mk-origtargz rename upstream tarball, optionally changing the compression and removing unwanted files
namecheck Check project names are not already taken.
nmudiff email an NMU diff to the Debian BTS
origtargz fetch the orig tarball of a Debian package from various sources, and unpack it
plotchangelog graph Debian changelogs
pts-subscribe time-limited subscription to the PTS
rc-alert check for installed packages with release-critical bugs
reproducible-check Reports on the reproducible status of installed packages
rmadison Remotely query the Debian archive database about packages
sadt simple DEP-8 test runner
salsa tool to manipulate salsa projects, repositories and group members
suspicious-source search for files that do not meet the GPL's definition of "source" for a work
svnpath output svn url with support for tags and branches
tagpending tags bugs that are to be closed in the latest changelog as pending
transition-check check a package list for involvement in transitions
uscan scan/watch upstream sources for new releases of software
uupdate upgrade a source code package from an upstream revision
what-patch detect which patch system a Debian package uses
who-permits-upload look-up Debian Maintainer access control lists
who-uploads identify the uploaders of Debian source packages
wnpp-alert check for installed packages up for adoption or orphaned
wnpp-check check if a package is being packaged or if this has been requested
wrap-and-sort wrap long lines and sort items in Debian packaging files