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Package debhelper

Helper programs for debian/rules


A collection of programs that can be used in a debian/rules file to
automate common tasks related to building Debian packages. Programs
are included to install various files into your package, compress
files, fix file permissions, integrate your package with the Debian
menu system, debconf, doc-base, etc. Most Debian packages use debhelper
as part of their build process.

Version: 13.11.6

General Commands

dh debhelper command sequencer
dh_assistant tool for supporting debhelper tools and provide introspection
dh_auto_build automatically builds a package
dh_auto_clean automatically cleans up after a build
dh_auto_configure automatically configure a package prior to building
dh_auto_install automatically runs make install or similar
dh_auto_test automatically runs a package's test suites
dh_bugfiles install bug reporting customization files into package build directories
dh_builddeb build Debian binary packages
dh_clean clean up package build directories
dh_compress compress files and fix symlinks in package build directories
dh_dwz optimize DWARF debug information in ELF binaries via dwz
dh_fixperms fix permissions of files in package build directories
dh_gencontrol generate and install control file
dh_icons Update caches of Freedesktop icons
dh_install install files into package build directories
dh_installalternatives install declarative alternative rules
dh_installcatalogs install and register SGML Catalogs
dh_installchangelogs install changelogs into package build directories
dh_installcron install cron scripts into etc/cron.*
dh_installdeb install files into the DEBIAN directory
dh_installdebconf install files used by debconf in package build directories
dh_installdirs create subdirectories in package build directories
dh_installdocs install documentation into package build directories
dh_installemacsen register an Emacs add on package
dh_installexamples install example files into package build directories
dh_installgsettings install GSettings overrides and set dependencies
dh_installifupdown install if-up and if-down hooks
dh_installinfo install info files
dh_installinit install service init files into package build directories
dh_installinitramfs install initramfs hooks and setup maintscripts
dh_installlogcheck install logcheck rulefiles into etc/logcheck/
dh_installlogrotate install logrotate config files
dh_installman install man pages into package build directories
dh_installmanpages old-style man page installer (deprecated)
dh_installmenu install Debian menu files into package build directories
dh_installmime install mime files into package build directories
dh_installmodules register kernel modules
dh_installpam install pam support files
dh_installppp install ppp ip-up and ip-down files
dh_installsystemd install systemd unit files
dh_installsystemduser install systemd unit files
dh_installsysusers install and integrates systemd sysusers files
dh_installtmpfiles install tmpfiles.d configuration files
dh_installudev install udev rules files
dh_installwm register a window manager
dh_installxfonts register X fonts
dh_link create symlinks in package build directories
dh_lintian install lintian override files into package build directories
dh_listpackages list binary packages debhelper will act on
dh_makeshlibs automatically create shlibs file and call dpkg-gensymbols
dh_md5sums generate DEBIAN/md5sums file
dh_missing check for missing files
dh_movefiles move files out of debian/tmp into subpackages
dh_perl calculates Perl dependencies and cleans up after MakeMaker
dh_prep perform cleanups in preparation for building a binary package
dh_shlibdeps calculate shared library dependencies
dh_strip strip executables, shared libraries, and some static libraries
dh_systemd_enable enable/disable systemd unit files
dh_systemd_start start/stop/restart systemd unit files
dh_testdir test directory before building Debian package
dh_testroot ensure that a package is built with necessary level of root permissions
dh_ucf register configuration files with ucf
dh_update_autotools_config Update autotools config files
dh_usrlocal migrate usr/local directories to maintainer scripts


debhelper the debhelper tool suite
debhelper-compat-upgrade-checklist Upgrade checklist for supported debhelper compat levels
debhelper-obsolete-compat List of no longer supported compat levels