Package ddupdate

Tool updating DNS data for dynamic IP addresses

A tool to update dynamic IP addresses typically obtained using DHCP
with dynamic DNS services such as, or
It makes it possible to access a machine with a fixed name like even if the ip address changes. ddupdate caches the
address, and only attempts the update if the address actually is changed.

The tool has a plugin structure with plugins for obtaining the actual
address (typically hardware-dependent) and to update it (service depenā€
dent). For supported services, it's a linux-centric, user-friendly and
flexible alternative to the ubiquitous ddclient.

ddupdate is distributed with systemd support to run at regular intervals,
and with NetworkManager templates to run when interfaces goes up or down.

Version: 0.7.1

File Formats

ddupdate.conf ddupdate configuration file.

System Administration

ddupdate Update DNS data for dynamic IP addresses
ddupdate-config ddupdate configuration file setup tool.
ddupdate-netrc-to-keyring ddupdate configuration migration tool.