Package dbh-devel

Header files for disk based hash library

This package includes the static libraries and header files you will need
to compile applications for dbh.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
dbh Dbh header file
dbh_close close or remove an open DBHashTable
dbh_erase erase/unerase records or prune/unprune entire branches
dbh_find Find the top level subtree FILE_POINTER
dbh_genkey generate cuantified or ordered keys
dbh_load load a DBHashTable record to memory
dbh_macros Macros available in dbh
dbh_open open or create a new DBHashTable
dbh_regen_sweep make physical structure of the DBHashTable congruent with logical structure
dbh_set_data set the record data or record key
dbh_set_size set maximum or current record size
dbh_sweep apply a function to all or part of the DBHashtable
dbh_update write data record or file header to disk