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Package dar

Software for making/restoring incremental CD/DVD backups


DAR is a command line tool to backup a directory tree and files. DAR is
able to make differential backups, split them over a set of disks or files
of a given size, use compression, filter files or subtrees to be saved or
not saved, directly access and restore given files. DAR is also able
to handle extented attributes, and can make remote backups through an
ssh session for example. Finally, DAR handles save and restore of hard
and symbolic links.

Version: 2.7.12

General Commands

dar creates, tests, lists, extracts, compares, merges, isolates, repairs dar archives
dar_cp 'cp' clone command that is able to copy data located after an I/O error
dar_manager compiles several archives contents in a database to ease file restoration
dar_slave disk archive slave for remote access to a dar archive
dar_split dar helper to split an archive over several tapes
dar_xform disk archive "re-slicer"