Package dar

Software for making/restoring incremental CD/DVD backups

DAR is a command line tool to backup a directory tree and files. DAR is
able to make differential backups, split them over a set of disks or files
of a given size, use compression, filter files or subtrees to be saved or
not saved, directly access and restore given files. DAR is also able
to handle extented attributes, and can make remote backups through an
ssh session for example. Finally, DAR handles save and restore of hard
and symbolic links.

General Commands (Section 1)
dar is a full featured backup tool, aimed for disks (floppy, CD-R(W), DVD-R(W), zip, jazz, hard-disks, usb keys, etc.) and since release 2.4.0 also adapted to...
dar_cp is similar to the standard 'cp' command, except it does not stop copying when an I/O error is met. Instead, it skips a bit further and continues to copy...
dar_manager is part of the Disk Archive suite. Its purpose is to simplify the restoration of a set of few files present in many backup, full or differential...
dar_slave reads an archive and listens for dar orders on standard input, sending asked parts of the archive on standard output. Source is the basename of the...
dar_split is to be used with dar to read or write a large archive from or to several tapes.
dar_xform changes the size of slices of an existing archive. Source is the basename of the existing archive, destination is the basename of the archive to be...