Package daala-devel

Development files for the Daala video codec libraries

The daala-devel package contains libraries and header files for developing
applications that use daala.

Library Functions

codec.h daala/codec.h
daala_comment The comment information.
daala_image Representation of an image or video frame.
daala_image_plane Representation of a single component within an image or frame.
daala_info Configuration parameters for a codec instance.
daala_packet daala_packet
daala_plane_info Subsampling factors for a plane as a power of 2.
daaladec.h daala/daaladec.h
daalaenc.h daala/daalaenc.h
decctlcodes Decoder CTL settings.
decfuncs decfuncs
encctlcodes Encoder CTL settings.
encfuncs encfuncs
od_accounting od_accounting
od_accounting_dict Dictionary for translating strings into id.
od_acct_symbol od_acct_symbol