Package czmq-devel

Development files for the czmq package

This package contains files needed to develop applications using czmq.

General Commands
Command Description
zmakecert no title found
Library Functions
Library Function Description
zactor simple actor framework
zarmour armoured text encoding and decoding
zauth authentication for ZeroMQ security mechanisms
zbeacon LAN discovery and presence
zcert work with CURVE security certificates
zcertstore work with CURVE security certificate stores
zchunk work with memory chunks
zclock millisecond clocks and delays
zconfig work with config files written in
zdigest provides hashing functions (SHA-1 at present)
zdir work with file-system directories
zdir_patch work with directory patches
zfile provides methods to work with files in a portable fashion.
zframe working with single message frames
zgossip decentralized configuration management
zhash simple generic hash container
zhashx extended generic hash container
ziflist list of network interfaces available on system
zlist simple generic list container
zlistx extended generic list container
zloop event-driven reactor
zmonitor socket event monitor
zmsg working with multipart messages
zpoller trivial socket poller class
zproc process configuration and status
zproxy run a steerable proxy in the background
zrex work with regular expressions
zsock high-level socket API that hides libzmq contexts and sockets
zstr sending and receiving strings
zsys system-level methods
ztimerset timer set
ztrie simple trie for tokenizable strings
zuuid UUID support class
Name Description
czmq high-level C binding for ZeroMQ