Package cyrus-sasl

The Cyrus SASL library

The cyrus-sasl package contains the Cyrus implementation of SASL.
SASL is the Simple Authentication and Security Layer, a method for
adding authentication support to connection-based protocols.

System Administration (Section 8)
pluginviewer can be used by a server administrator to troubleshoot SASL installations. The utility can list loadable (properly configured) client and server...
saslauthd is a daemon process that handles plaintext authentication requests on behalf of the SASL library. The server fulfills two roles: it isolates all code...
sasldblistusers2 is used to list the users in the SASL password database (usually /etc/sasldb2). This will NOT list all the users in /etc/passwd, shadow, PAM...
saslpasswd2 is used by a server administrator to set a user's sasl password for server programs and SASL mechanisms which use the standard libsasl database of...
This manual page documents briefly the testsaslauthd command.