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Package cups-printerapp

CUPS printing system - tools for printer application


Provides IPP everywhere printer application ippeveprinter and tools for printing
PostScript and HP PCL document formats - ippevepcl and ippeveps. The printer
application enables older printers for IPP everywhere standard - so if older printer
is installed with a printer application, its print queue acts as IPP everywhere printer
to CUPS daemon. This solution will substitute printer drivers and raw queues in the future.

Version: 2.4.10

See also: cups, cups-browsed, cups-client, cups-devel, cups-filters, cups-filters-driverless, cups-ipptool, cups-lpd.

General Commands

ippeveprinter an ipp everywhere printer application for cups


ippevepcl pcl and postscript print commands for ippeveprinter
ippeveps alias for ippevepcl