Package cups

CUPS printing system

CUPS printing system provides a portable printing layer for
UNIX® operating systems. It has been developed by Apple Inc.
to promote a standard printing solution for all UNIX vendors and users.
CUPS provides the System V and Berkeley command-line interfaces.

Version: 2.4.2

See also: cups-client, cups-devel, cups-filters, cups-ipptool, cups-lpd, cups-printerapp.

General Commands

cups a standards-based, open source printing system
cupstestppd test conformance of ppd files (deprecated)
ippfind find internet printing protocol printers
ppdc cups ppd compiler (deprecated)
ppdhtml cups html summary generator (deprecated)
ppdi import ppd files (deprecated)
ppdmerge merge ppd files (deprecated)
ppdpo ppd message catalog generator (deprecated)

File Formats

classes.conf class configuration file for cups
client.conf client configuration file for cups (deprecated on macos)
cups-files.conf file and directory configuration file for cups
cups-snmp.conf snmp configuration file for cups (deprecated)
cupsd-logs cupsd log files (access_log, error_log, and page_log)
cupsd.conf server configuration file for cups
mailto.conf configuration file for cups email notifier
mime.convs mime type conversion file for cups (deprecated)
mime.types mime type description file for cups
ppdcfile cups ppd compiler source file format (deprecated)
printers.conf printer configuration file for cups
subscriptions.conf subscription configuration file for cups


backend cups backend transmission interfaces
filter cups file conversion filter interface
notifier cups notification interface

System Administration

cups-deviced alias for cupsd-helper
cups-driverd alias for cupsd-helper
cups-exec alias for cupsd-helper
cups-snmp cups snmp backend (deprecated)
cupsaccept accept/reject jobs sent to a destination
cupsctl configure cupsd.conf options
cupsd cups scheduler
cupsd-helper cupsd helper programs (deprecated)
cupsdisable alias for cupsenable
cupsenable stop/start printers and classes
cupsfilter convert a file to another format using cups filters (deprecated)
cupsreject alias for cupsaccept
lpadmin configure cups printers and classes
lpinfo show available devices or drivers (deprecated)
lpmove move a job or all jobs to a new destination