Package ctdb

A Clustered Database based on Samba's Trivial Database (TDB)

CTDB is a cluster implementation of the TDB database used by Samba and other
projects to store temporary data. If an application is already using TDB for
temporary data it is very easy to convert that application to be cluster aware
and use CTDB instead.

General Commands (Section 1)
ctdb is a utility to view and manage a CTDB cluster. The following terms are used when referring to nodes in a cluster: Pnn
ctdbd is the main CTDB daemon. Note that ctdbd is not usually invoked directly. It is invoked via ctdbd_wrapper(1) or via the initscript. See ctdb(7) for an...
ctdb_diagnostics is used to dump diagnostic information about a clustered Samba installation. This includes configuration files, output of relevant commands and...
ctdbd_wrapper is used to start or stop the main CTDB daemon. PIDFILE specifies the location of the file containing the PID of the main CTDB daemon...
ltdbtool is a utility to manipulate CTDB's local TDB databases (LTDBs) without connecting to a CTDB daemon.
onnode is a utility to run commands on a specific node of a CTDB cluster, or on all nodes. NODES specifies which node(s) to run a command on. See section Nodes...
ping_pong measures the byte range lock latency. It is especially useful on a cluster of nodes sharing a common lock manager as it will give some indication of...
File Formats (Section 5)
This file contains CTDB configuration variables that are affect the operation of CTDB. The default location of this file is /etc/ctdb/ctdbd.conf. This file is a...
Miscellanea (Section 7)
CTDB is a clustered database component in clustered Samba that provides a high-availability load-sharing CIFS server cluster.
CTDB maintains information about various messages communicated and some of the important operations per node. See the ctdb(1) commands statistics and...
CTDB's behaviour can be configured by setting run-time tunable variables. This lists and describes all tunables. See the ctdb(1) listvars, setvar and getvar...