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Package ctdb

A Clustered Database based on Samba's Trivial Database (TDB)


CTDB is a cluster implementation of the TDB database used by Samba and other
projects to store temporary data. If an application is already using TDB for
temporary data it is very easy to convert that application to be cluster aware
and use CTDB instead.

Version: 4.20.2

See also: ctdb-ceph-mutex, ctdb-etcd-mutex.

General Commands

ctdb CTDB management utility
ctdb_diagnostics dump diagnostic information about CTDB/Samba installation
ctdbd The CTDB cluster daemon
ltdbtool manipulate CTDB's local TDB files
onnode run commands on CTDB cluster nodes
ping_pong measures the ping-pong byte range lock latency

File Formats

ctdb-script.options CTDB scripts configuration files
ctdb.conf CTDB configuration file
ctdb.sysconfig CTDB daemon configuration file


ctdb Clustered TDB
ctdb-statistics CTDB statistics output
ctdb-tunables CTDB tunable configuration variables