Package csdp-tools

Command line tools for working with CSDP

This package contains command-line wrappers around the CSDP library,
including a solver, a program for computing the Lovasz Theta number of a
graph, and some graph manipulation programs.

Note that "csdp-" has been prefixed to some of the binary names, due to
the generic nature of the names.

General Commands (Section 1)
CSDP is a library of routines that implements a predictor corrector variant of the semidefinite programming algorithm of Helmberg, Rendl, Vanderbei, and...
The csdp-complement program computes the complement of a graph.
The csdp-graphtoprob program converts a graph into SDPA sparse format.
The csdp-rand_graph program generates a random graph, which is written to the indicated output file. The parameter N is the desired number of vertices. P is the...
The csdp-theta program uses the CSDP library to compute the Lovasz Theta number of an input graph.