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Package cryptsetup

Utility for setting up encrypted disks


The cryptsetup package contains a utility for setting up
disk encryption using dm-crypt kernel module.

Version: 2.7.2

System Administration

cryptsetup manage plain dm-crypt, LUKS, and other encrypted volumes
cryptsetup-benchmark benchmarks ciphers and KDF
cryptsetup-bitlkDump dump the header information of a BITLK (BitLocker compatible) device
cryptsetup-bitlkOpen alias for cryptsetup-open
cryptsetup-close removes the existing mapping <name> (and the associated key)
cryptsetup-config set permanent configuration options (store to LUKS header)
cryptsetup-convert converts the device between LUKS1 and LUKS2 format
cryptsetup-create alias for cryptsetup-open
cryptsetup-erase erase all keyslots
cryptsetup-fvault2Dump dump the header information of a FVAULT2 (FileVault2 compatible) device
cryptsetup-fvault2Open alias for cryptsetup-open
cryptsetup-isLuks check if a device is a LUKS device
cryptsetup-loopaesOpen alias for cryptsetup-open
cryptsetup-luksAddKey add a new passphrase
cryptsetup-luksChangeKey change an existing passphrase
cryptsetup-luksConvertKey converts an existing LUKS2 keyslot to new PBKDF parameters
cryptsetup-luksDump dump the header information of a LUKS device
cryptsetup-luksErase alias for cryptsetup-erase
cryptsetup-luksFormat initialize a LUKS partition and set the initial passphrase
cryptsetup-luksHeaderBackup store a binary backup of the LUKS header and keyslot area
cryptsetup-luksHeaderRestore restore a binary backup of the LUKS header and keyslot area
cryptsetup-luksKillSlot wipe a key-slot from the LUKS device
cryptsetup-luksOpen alias for cryptsetup-open
cryptsetup-luksRemoveKey remove the supplied passphrase from the LUKS device
cryptsetup-luksResume resume a suspended device and reinstate the key
cryptsetup-luksSuspend suspends an active device and wipes the key
cryptsetup-luksUUID print or set the UUID of a LUKS device
cryptsetup-open open an encrypted device and create a mapping with a specified name
cryptsetup-plainOpen alias for cryptsetup-open
cryptsetup-reencrypt reencrypt LUKS encrypted volumes in-place
cryptsetup-refresh refresh parameters of an active mapping
cryptsetup-repair repair the device metadata
cryptsetup-resize resize an active mapping
cryptsetup-ssh manage LUKS2 SSH token
cryptsetup-status report the status for a mapping
cryptsetup-tcryptDump dump the header information of a TCRYPT (TrueCrypt or VeraCrypt compatible) device
cryptsetup-tcryptOpen alias for cryptsetup-open
cryptsetup-token manage LUKS2 tokens