Package cri-o

OCI-based implementation of Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface

General Commands
Command Description
kpod Simple management tool for containers and images
kpod-cp Copy files/folders between a container and the local filesystem.
kpod-diff Inspect changes on a container or image's filesystem
kpod-export Export container's filesystem contents as a tar archive
kpod-history Shows the history of an image
kpod-images List images in local storage
kpod-info Display system information
kpod-inspect Display a container or image's configuration
kpod-load Load an image from docker archive
kpod-logs Fetch the logs of a container
kpod-mount Mount a working container's root filesystem
kpod-ps Prints out information about containers
kpod-pull Pull an image from a registry
kpod-push Push an image from local storage to elsewhere
kpod-rename Rename a container
kpod-rm Remove one or more containers
kpod-rmi Removes one or more images
kpod-save Save an image to docker-archive or oci
kpod-stats Display a live stream of 1 or more containers' resource usage statistics
kpod-tag Add an additional name to a local image
kpod-umount Unmount a working container's root file system
kpod-version Display the KPOD Version Information
File Formats
File Description
crio.conf CRI-O configuration file
System Administration
Command Description
crio OCI Kubernetes Container Runtime daemon