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Package create-fake-rpm

Generate fake (S)RPM


A tool to generate an (s)rpm with faked provides.

It may be useful when you install some library/module/application manually -
without having an RPM package.

E.g., when you

    pip install somepackage

And when some RPM package `Requires: python-somepackage` then /usr/bin/rpm
refuses to install such package, because `python-somepackage` is not present
on your system.

RPMDB does not know what you know. So you can run:

    create-fake-rpm --build python-somepackage python3dist(somepackage)

This create package `fake-python-somepackage-0-0.noarch.rpm` which provides:
"python-somepackage" and "python3dist(somepackage)".
You can install it using:

    dnf install fake-python-somepackage-0-0.noarch.rpm

Version: 5

General Commands

create-fake-rpm generate fake (S)RPM.