Package corosync

The Corosync Cluster Engine and Application Programming Interfaces

This package contains the Corosync Cluster Engine Executive, several default
APIs and libraries, default configuration files, and an init script.

See also: corosync-qdevice, corosync-qnetd, corosync-vqsim.

File Formats
File Description
corosync.conf corosync executive configuration file
corosync.xml XML version of corosync executive configuration file
votequorum Votequorum Configuration Overview
Name Description
corosync_overview Corosync overview
System Administration
Command Description
cmap_keys Overview of keys stored in the Configuration Map
corosync The Corosync Cluster Engine.
corosync-blackbox Dump live "flight data" from the corosync "blackbox".
corosync-cfgtool An administrative tool for corosync.
corosync-cmapctl A tool for accessing the object database.
corosync-cpgtool A tool for displaying cpg groups and members.
corosync-keygen Generate an authentication key for Corosync.
corosync-notifyd Listen for important corosync events and send dbus and/or snmp traps.
corosync-quorumtool Set and display quorum settings.
corosync-xmlproc Converts corosync.xml to the Corosync configuration file.