Package coot

The crystallographic object-oriented toolkit

Coot is a toolkit for Macromolecular Crystallography and
model-building. Coot uses professional (and free) widgets (with the
GUI builder glade), mmdb, clipper, and OpenGL, together with a new
approach to map contouring and importing/creation and other modeling
and building operations.

General Commands
Command Description
coot macromolecular modeling
coot-available-comp-id coot-available-comp-id
coot-bfactan coot-bfactan
coot-compare-dictionaries Compare mmCIF dictionaries
coot-density-score-by-residue macromolecular modeling
coot-fix-nomenclature-errors coot-fix-nomenclature-errors
coot-make-shelx-restraints coot-make-shelx-restraints
coot-mini-rsr Real space Refinement using X-ray data
findligand Find potential ligand postions in maps made using X-ray data
findwaters Find potential water postions in maps made using X-ray data
lidia lidia