Package cook

File construction tool

Cook is a tool for constructing files. It is given a set of files to
create, and recipes of how to create them. In any non-trivial program
there will be prerequisites to performing the actions necessary to
creating any file, such as include files. The cook program provides a
mechanism to define these.

General Commands (Section 1)
The c_incl program is used to traverse source files looking for include dependencies suitable for [collect]ion or #include-cooked-ing by cook. The filename “-”...
The program is a tool for constructing files. It is given a set of files to create, and instructions detailing how to construct them. In any non-trivial program...
The cook_bom program is used to scan a directory and generate a cookbook fragment containing a bill of materials for that directory. It also includes a...
The cookfp program is used to calculate the fingerprints of files. A fingerprint is a hash of the contents of a file. The default fingerprint is...
No description.
The cook_rsh program is a wrapper around rsh(1) which does simple load balancing. It obtains its load information by running the rup(1) command, and selects the...
The cooktime program is used to set the modified time or access time of a file. This can be used to defend against unwanted logical dependencies when making...
The find_libs program is used to find the actual pathname of a library specified on a cc(1) command line. This allows cook(1) to know these dependencies.
The make2cook program is used to translate Makefiles into cookbooks. This command is provided to ease the transition to using the cook command. If no input file...
The roffpp command may be used to copies the input file to the output file, including files named using .so directives along the way, and removing the .so...