Package contextkit

Contextual information collection framework

This is ContextKit, a framework for collecting contextual
information from the bowels of the system, cleaning them up
and offering them through a simple API.

The ContextKit consists of:

- libcontextprovider, a convenience library to export
  contextual properties to the rest of the system.

- user documentation including a list of standard context properties

- contextd, daemon for combining and refining contextual information

- libcontextsubscriber, a library implementing
  the simple API for accessing the contextual information.
General Commands (Section 1)
context-listen will listen for changes in the properties and notify the user about them. At least one property has to be given. In order to find the appropriate...
context-ls is a simple tool to introspect (inspect) the current context properties registry. It will list all the properties defined in the registry and...
context-provide is an interactive tool to set (provide) properties of the ContextKit. It can be used to simulate an actual provider to debug applications using...
update-contextkit-providers reads the context properties registry (in xml format) and produces an updated cached database - cache.cdb. The database is used by...