Package containers-common

Common configuration and documentation for containers

This package contains common configuration files and documentation for container
tools ecosystem, such as Podman, Buildah and Skopeo.

It is required because the most of configuration files and docs come from projects
which are vendored into Podman, Buildah, Skopeo, etc. but they are not packaged

Version: 1

File Formats

.containerignore alias for containerignore
Containerfile automate the steps of creating a container image
containerignore files to ignore buildah or podman build context directory
containers-auth.json syntax for the registry authentication file
containers-certs.d Directory for storing custom container-registry TLS configurations
containers-mounts.conf configuration file for default mounts in containers
containers-policy.json syntax for the signature verification policy file
containers-registries.conf Syntax of System Registry Configuration File
containers-registries.conf.d directory for drop-in registries.conf files
containers-registries.d Directory for various registries configurations
containers-signature Container signature format
containers-storage.conf Syntax of Container Storage configuration file
containers-transports description of supported transports for copying and storing container images
containers.conf The container engine configuration file specifies default configuration options and command-line flags for container engines.