Package console-setup

Tools for configuring the console using X Window System key maps

This package provides the console with the same keyboard configuration
scheme that X Window System has. Besides the keyboard, the package configures
also the font on the console.  It includes a rich collection of fonts and
supports several languages that would be otherwise unsupported on the console
(such as Armenian, Georgian, Lao and Thai).
General Commands (Section 1)
The ckbcomp keymap compiler converts a description of an XKB keyboard layout into a console keymap that can be read directly by loadkeys(1) or kbdcontrol(1). On...
setupcon is a program for fast and easy setup of the font and the keyboard on the console. Most of the time you invoke setupcon without arguments. The keyboard...
File Formats (Section 5)
The file console-setup specifies the encoding and the font to be used by setupcon(1) in order to setup the console. It can be used also to specify the keyboard...
The keyboard file describes the properties of the keyboard. It is read by setupcon(1) in order to configure the keyboard on the console. In Debian systems the...