Package conman

ConMan - The Console Manager

ConMan is a serial console management program designed to support a large
number of console devices and simultaneous users.  It currently supports
local serial devices and remote terminal servers (via the telnet protocol).
Its features include:

  - mapping symbolic names to console devices
  - logging all output from a console device to file
  - supporting monitor (R/O), interactive (R/W), and
    broadcast (W/O) modes of console access
  - allowing clients to join or steal console "write" privileges
  - executing Expect scripts across multiple consoles in parallel
General Commands (Section 1)
conman is a program for connecting to remote consoles being managed by conmand. Console names can be separated by spaces and/or commas. Globbing is used by...
File Formats (Section 5)
The conman.conf configuration file is used to specify the consoles being managed by conmand. Comments are introduced by a hash sign (#), and continue until the...
System Administration (Section 8)
conmand is the daemon responsible for managing consoles defined by its configuration file as well as listening for connections from clients.