Package cone-devel

LibMAIL mail client development library

The cone-devel package the header files and library files for developing
application using LibMAIL - a high level, C++ OO library for mail clients.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
mail::ACCOUNT::addMessage.3x Add a message to a folder
mail::account::checkNewMail.3x Check for new mail
mail::ACCOUNT::checkNewMail.3x Check for new mail in the current folder
mail::account::copyMessagesTo.3x Move messages to another folder
mail::ACCOUNT::copyMessagesTo.3x Copy messages to another folder
mail::ACCOUNT::createFolder.3x Create a new folder
mail::ACCOUNT::deleteFolder.3x Delete a folder
mail::ACCOUNT::delRights.3x Delete an access control list identifier
mail::account::findFolder.3x A direct short-cut to a folder
mail::account::folderFromString.3x Restore a folder object
mail::ACCOUNT::getFolderFromPath.3x A direct short-cut to a folder
mail::ACCOUNT::getFolderFromString.3x Restore a folder object
mail::account::getFolderIndexInfo.3x Return message status
mail::ACCOUNT::getFolderIndexInfo.3x Return message status
mail::account::getFolderIndexSize.3x Return number of messages in the current folder
mail::ACCOUNT::getFolderIndexSize.3x Return number of messages in the current folder
mail::account::getFolderKeywordInfo.3x Return message keywords
mail::ACCOUNT::getFolderKeywordInfo.3x Return message keywords
mail::ACCOUNT::getMessageContent.3x Read message content
mail::ACCOUNT::getMessageContentDecoded.3x Read message content
mail::ACCOUNT::getMessageEnvelope.3x Return message header envelope
mail::ACCOUNT::getMessageStructure.3x Return message MIME structure
mail::ACCOUNT::getMyRights.3x Compute my access rights on a folder
mail::ACCOUNT::getParentFolder.3x Find parent folder
mail::ACCOUNT::getRights.3x Read access control list
mail::account::getSendFolder.3x Create a folder object for sending mail
mail::ACCOUNT::getSubFolders.3x Enumerate subfolders
mail::ACCOUNT::getTopLevelFolders.3x Enumerate top-level folders
mail::account::hasCapability.3x Mail account's properties
mail::account::isRemoteUrl.3x Determine whether the account is a remote account
mail::ACCOUNT::login.3x Open a new mail account
mail::account::logout.3x Disconnect from the server
mail::ACCOUNT::logout.3x Close a mail account
mail::ACCOUNT::moveMessagesTo.3x Move messages to another folder
mail::account::open.3x Open a new mail account
mail::ACCOUNT::openFolder.3x Open a folder
mail::account::poll.3x Wait for the next event
mail::account::process.3x Process pending events
mail::ACCOUNT::readFolderInfo.3x Get folder status
mail::account::readMessageAttributes.3x Return message metadata
mail::account::readMessageContent.3x Read messages
mail::account::readMessageContentDecoded.3x Read decoded message contents
mail::account::readTopLevelFolders.3x Enumerate top-level folders
mail::account::removeMessages.3x Remove messages from the folder
mail::ACCOUNT::removeMessages.3x Remove messages from the folder
mail::ACCOUNT::renameFolder.3x Rename a folder
mail::account::resume.3x Resume after a suspend
mail::account::saveFolderIndexInfo.3x Update message status
mail::ACCOUNT::saveFolderIndexInfo.3x Update message status
mail::account::searchMessages.3x Search messages in the current folder
mail::ACCOUNT::searchMessages.3x Search messages in the current folder
mail::ACCOUNT::send.3x Send a message
mail::ACCOUNT::setRights.3x Change access control lists
mail::account::translatePath.3x Convert readable folder path to internal folder path
mail::ACCOUNT::translatePath.3x Convert readable folder path to internal folder path
mail::account::updateFolderIndexFlags.3x Update status of multiple messages
mail::ACCOUNT::updateFolderIndexFlags.3x Update status of multiple messages
mail::account::updateFolderIndexInfo.3x Update status of the currently open folder
mail::ACCOUNT::updateFolderIndexInfo.3x Update status of the currently open folder
mail::account::updateKeywords.3x Update message keywords
mail::ACCOUNT::updateKeywords.3x Update message keywords
mail::account::updateNotify.3x Request notification of folder updates
mail::address.3x An E-mail address
mail::Attachment.3x Create MIME content.
mail::emailAddress.3x An E-mail address
mail::envelope.3x Message envelope information
mail::folder::addMessage.3x Add a message to a folder
mail::folder::clone.3x Clone a mail::folder object
mail::folder::create.3x Create a new folder
mail::folder::createSubFolder.3x Create a new folder
mail::folder::delRights.3x Delete an access control list identifier
mail::folder::destroy.3x Destroy an existing folder
mail::folder::getMyRights.3x Compute my access rights on a folder
mail::folder::getName.3x Return the folder's name
mail::folder::getParentFolder.3x Find parent folder
mail::folder::getPath.3x Return the folder's server address
mail::folder::getRights.3x Read access control list
mail::folder::hasMessages.3x Determine if the folder is capable of storing messages
mail::folder::hasSubFolders.3x Determine if the folder is capable of storing other folders
mail::folder::isParentOf.3x Check if another folder is this folder's subfolder
mail::folder::open.3x Open a folder
mail::folder::readFolderInfo.3x Get folder status
mail::folder::readSubFolders.3x Enumerate subfolders
mail::folder::renameFolder.3x Rename a folder
mail::folder::setRights.3x Change access control lists
mail::folder::toString.3x Save a folder object
mail::Header::addresslist.3x An E-mail header that contains addresses.
mail::Header::encoded.3x An unstructured E-mail header.
mail::Header::list.3x Create a list of headers.
mail::Header::mime.3x A structured MIME header.
mail::Header::plain.3x An unstructured, US-ASCII-only, E-mail header.
mail::homedir.3x Return the home directory.
mail::hostname.3x Return host name
mail::loginUrlDecode.3x Decode a mail account URL
mail::loginUrlEncode.3x Create a mail account URL
mail::mimestruct.3x Message MIME structure
mail::setAppCharset.3x Set application character set
mail::upper.3x Convert text string to uppercase