Package condor

HTCondor: High Throughput Computing

HTCondor is a workload management system for high-throughput and
high-performance jobs. Like other full-featured batch systems, HTCondor
provides a job queuing mechanism, scheduling policy, priority scheme,
resource monitoring, and resource management. Users submit their
serial or parallel jobs to HTCondor, HTCondor places them into a queue,
chooses when and where to run the jobs based upon a policy, carefully
monitors their progress, and ultimately informs the user upon

General Commands
Command Description
condor_advertise condor_advertise Send a ClassAd to the condor_collector daemon
condor_check_userlogs condor_check_userlogs Check job event log files for errors
condor_chirp condor_chirp Access files or job ClassAd from an executing job
condor_cod condor_cod manage COD machines and jobs
condor_config_val condor_config_val Query or set a given HTCondor configuration variable
condor_continue condor_continue continue suspended jobs from the HTCondor queue
condor_convert_history condor_convert_history Convert the history file to the new format
condor_dagman condor_dagman meta scheduler of the jobs submitted as the nodes of a DAG or DAGs
condor_drain condor_drain Control draining of an execute machine
condor_fetchlog condor_fetchlog Retrieve a daemon's log file that is located on another computer
condor_findhost condor_findhost find machine(s) in the pool that can be used with minimal impact...
condor_gather_info condor_gather_info Gather information about an HTCondor installation and a...
condor_gpu_discovery condor_gpu_discovery Output GPU-related ClassAd attributes
condor_history condor_history View log of HTCondor jobs completed to date
condor_hold condor_hold put jobs in the queue into the hold state
condor_install condor_install Configure or install HTCondor
condor_job_router_info condor_job_router_info Discover and display information related to job routing
condor_master condor_master The master HTCondor Daemon
condor_off condor_off Shutdown HTCondor daemons
condor_on condor_on Start up HTCondor daemons
condor_ping condor_ping Attempt a security negotiation to determine if it succeeds
condor_pool_job_report condor_pool_job_report generate report about all jobs that have run in the last...
condor_power condor_power send packet intended to wake a machine from a low power state
condor_preen condor_preen remove extraneous files from HTCondor directories
condor_prio condor_prio change priority of jobs in the HTCondor queue
condor_q condor_q Display information about jobs in queue
condor_qedit condor_qedit modify job attributes
condor_qsub condor_qsub Queue jobs that use PBS/SGE-style submission
condor_reconfig condor_reconfig Reconfigure HTCondor daemons
condor_release condor_release release held jobs in the HTCondor queue
condor_reschedule condor_reschedule Update scheduling information to the central manager
condor_restart condor_restart Restart a set of HTCondor daemons
condor_rm condor_rm remove jobs from the HTCondor queue
condor_rmdir condor_rmdir Windows-only no-fail deletion of directories
condor_router_history condor_router_history Display the history for routed jobs
condor_router_q condor_router_q Display information about routed jobs in the queue
condor_router_rm condor_router_rm Remove jobs being managed by the HTCondor Job Router
condor_run condor_run Submit a shell command-line as an HTCondor job
condor_sos condor_sos Issue a command that will be serviced with a higher priority
condor_ssh_to_job condor_ssh_to_job create an ssh session to a running job
condor_stats condor_stats Display historical information about the HTCondor pool
condor_status condor_status Display status of the HTCondor pool
condor_store_cred condor_store_cred securely stash a password
condor_submit condor_submit Queue jobs for execution under HTCondor
condor_submit_dag condor_submit_dag Manage and queue jobs within a specified DAG for execution on...
condor_suspend condor_suspend suspend jobs from the HTCondor queue
condor_tail condor_tail Display the last contents of a running job's standard output or file
condor_transfer_data condor_transfer_data transfer spooled data
condor_transform_ads condor_transform_ads Transform ClassAds according to specified rules, and output...
condor_update_machine_ad condor_update_machine_ad update a machine ClassAd
condor_updates_stats condor_updates_stats Display output from condor_status
condor_urlfetch condor_urlfetch fetch configuration given a URL
condor_userlog condor_userlog Display and summarize job statistics from job log files.
condor_userprio condor_userprio Manage user priorities
condor_vacate condor_vacate Vacate jobs that are running on the specified hosts
condor_vacate_job condor_vacate_job vacate jobs in the HTCondor queue from the hosts where they...
condor_version condor_version print HTCondor version and platform information
condor_wait condor_wait Wait for jobs to finish
condor_who condor_who Display information about owners of jobs and jobs running on an...