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Package conda-build

Commands and tools for building conda packages


You can easily build your own packages for conda, and upload them to
anaconda.org, a free service for hosting packages for conda, as well as other
package managers. To build a package, create a recipe. See
github.com/conda/conda-recipes for many example recipes, and
conda.pydata.org/docs/build.html for documentation on how to build

To upload to anaconda.org, create an account. Then, install the
anaconda-client and login

$ conda install anaconda-client
$ anaconda login

Then, after you build your recipe

$ conda build <recipe-dir>

you will be prompted to upload to anaconda.org.

To add your anaconda.org channel, or the channel of others to conda so that
conda install will find and install their packages, run

$ conda config --add channels conda.anaconda.org/username

(replacing username with the user name of the person whose channel you want to

Version: 3.28.4

General Commands