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Package compose-utils

Utilities for working with composes


A set of tools for working with composes produced by pungi.

Version: 0.1.50

General Commands

compose-changelog show changes between two composes
compose-create-legacy-composeinfo create legacy .composeinfo file
compose-diff-rpms show differences between package lists in two composes
compose-dump-listings dump package listings from a compose
compose-has-build check for existence of a build in a compose
compose-list list and query composes in a directory
compose-partial-copy copy part of compose to another location
compose-print-essentials print basic information about a compose
compose-report-package-moves show changes between two composes
compose-update-latest-symlinks Create the symbolic links of minor and major version to the given latest compose
compose-write-repo-file write .repo file pointing to a compose