Package common-lisp-controller

Common Lisp source and compiler manager

This package helps installing Common Lisp sources and compilers.
It creates a user-specific cache of compiled objects. When a library
or an implementation is upgraded, all compiled objects in the cache
are flushed. It also provides tools to recompile all libraries.

Version: 7.4

General Commands

clc-clbuild clc enabled clbuild wrapper
clc-lisp invoke lisp with clbuild active
clc-register-user-package registers a user asdf system
clc-slime invoke lisp with clbuild active
clc-unregister-user-package alias for clc-register-user-package

Library Functions

common-lisp-controller Common Lisp system management tool

System Administration

clc-update-customized-images alias for register-common-lisp-implementation
register-common-lisp-implementation internal clc commands
register-common-lisp-source alias for register-common-lisp-implementation
unregister-common-lisp-implementation alias for register-common-lisp-implementation
unregister-common-lisp-source alias for register-common-lisp-implementation