Package comedilib-devel

Libraries/include files for Comedi

Comedilib is a library for using Comedi, a driver interface for data
acquisition hardware.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
comedi_apply_calibration set hardware calibration from file
comedi_apply_parsed_calibration set calibration from memory
comedi_cancel stop streaming input/output in progress
comedi_cleanup_calibration_file free calibration resources
comedi_close close a Comedi device
comedi_command start streaming input/output
comedi_command_test test streaming input/output configuration
comedi_data_read read single sample from channel
comedi_data_read_delayed read single sample from channel after delaying for specified settling time
comedi_data_read_hint tell driver which channel/range/aref you are going to read from next
comedi_data_write write single sample to channel
comedi_dio_bitfield read/write multiple digital channels
comedi_dio_bitfield2 read/write multiple digital channels
comedi_dio_config change input/output properties of channel
comedi_dio_get_config query input/output properties of channel
comedi_dio_read read single bit from digital channel
comedi_dio_write write single bit to digital channel
comedi_do_insn perform instruction
comedi_do_insnlist perform multiple instructions
comedi_errno number of last Comedilib error
comedi_fileno integer descriptor of Comedilib device
comedi_find_range search for range
comedi_find_subdevice_by_type search for subdevice type
comedi_from_phys convert physical units to sample
comedi_from_physical convert physical units to sample
comedi_get_board_name Comedi device name
comedi_get_buffer_contents streaming buffer status
comedi_get_buffer_offset streaming buffer status
comedi_get_buffer_size streaming buffer size of subdevice
comedi_get_cmd_generic_timed streaming input/output capabilities
comedi_get_cmd_src_mask streaming input/output capabilities
comedi_get_default_calibration_path get default calibration file path
comedi_get_driver_name Comedi driver name
comedi_get_hardcal_converter get converter for hardware-calibrated subdevice
comedi_get_max_buffer_size maximum streaming buffer size
comedi_get_maxdata maximum sample of channel
comedi_get_n_channels number of subdevice channels
comedi_get_n_ranges number of ranges of channel
comedi_get_n_subdevices number of subdevices
comedi_get_range range information of channel
comedi_get_read_subdevice find streaming input subdevice
comedi_get_softcal_converter get converter for software-calibrated subdevice
comedi_get_subdevice_flags properties of subdevice
comedi_get_subdevice_type type of subdevice
comedi_get_timer timer information (deprecated)
comedi_get_version_code Comedi version code
comedi_get_write_subdevice find streaming output subdevice
comedi_lock subdevice reservation
comedi_loglevel change Comedilib logging properties
comedi_mark_buffer_read streaming buffer control
comedi_mark_buffer_written streaming buffer control
comedi_maxdata_is_chan_specific maximum sample depends on channel
comedi_open open a Comedi device
comedi_parse_calibration_file load contents of calibration file
comedi_perror print a Comedilib error message
comedi_poll force updating of streaming buffer
comedi_range_is_chan_specific range information depends on channel
comedi_set_buffer_size streaming buffer size of subdevice
comedi_set_global_oor_behavior out-of-range behavior
comedi_set_max_buffer_size streaming buffer size of subdevice
comedi_strerror return string describing Comedilib error code
comedi_sv_init slowly-varying inputs
comedi_sv_measure slowly-varying inputs
comedi_sv_update slowly-varying inputs
comedi_timed_1chan streaming input (deprecated)
comedi_to_phys convert sample to physical units
comedi_to_physical convert sample to physical units
comedi_trigger perform streaming input/output (deprecated)
comedi_unlock subdevice reservation