Package cloud-utils

Cloud image management utilities

This package provides a useful set of utilities for managing cloud images.

The euca2ools package (a dependency of cloud-utils) provides an Amazon EC2 API
compatible set of utilities for bundling kernels, ramdisks, and root
filesystems, and uploading them to either EC2 or UEC.

The tasks associated with image bundling are often tedious and repetitive. The
cloud-utils package provides several scripts that wrap the complicated tasks
with a much simpler interface.

General Commands (Section 1)
Publish an image to a cloud
Register a Ubuntu Cloud image tarball per
This program is a wrapper script for euca-run-instances(1) that takes one additional option, -l|--launchpad-id. With this option, a user can specify a...
Resize a partition image to a new size.
This program is intended to help write data that can be consumed by cloud-init. cloud-init reads mime multipart as user-data.