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Package clevis-luks

LUKS integration for clevis


LUKS integration for clevis. This package allows you to bind a LUKS
volume to a clevis unlocking policy. For automated unlocking, an unlocker
will also be required. See, for example, clevis-dracut and clevis-udisks2.

Version: 20

See also: clevis.

General Commands

clevis-luks-bind Bind a LUKS device using the specified policy
clevis-luks-edit Edit a binding from a clevis-bound slot in a LUKS device
clevis-luks-list Lists pins bound to a LUKS device
clevis-luks-pass Extracts the passphrase used for binding a particular slot in a LUKS device
clevis-luks-regen Regenerates a clevis binding
clevis-luks-report Reports whether a pin bound to a LUKS1 or LUKS2 volume has been rotated
clevis-luks-unbind Unbinds a pin bound to a LUKS volume
clevis-luks-unlock Unlocks a LUKS device bound with a Clevis policy


clevis-luks-unlockers Overview of clevis luks unlockers