Package clevis

Automated decryption framework

Clevis is a framework for automated decryption. It allows you to encrypt
data using sophisticated unlocking policies which enable decryption to
occur automatically.

The clevis package provides basic encryption/decryption policy support.
Users can use this directly; but most commonly, it will be used as a
building block for other packages. For example, see the clevis-luks
and clevis-dracut packages for automatic root volume unlocking of LUKSv1
volumes during early boot.

Version: 18

See also: clevis-luks.

General Commands

clevis Automated decryption policy framework
clevis-decrypt Decrypts using the policy defined at encryption time
clevis-encrypt-sss Encrypts using a Shamir's Secret Sharing policy
clevis-encrypt-tang Encrypts using a Tang binding server policy
clevis-encrypt-tpm2 Encrypts using a TPM2.0 chip binding policy