Package clearsilver

Fast and powerful HTML templating system

ClearSilver is a fast, powerful, and language-neutral HTML template
system. In both static content sites and dynamic HTML applications,
it provides a separation between presentation code and application
logic which makes working with your project easier. The design of
ClearSilver began in 1999, and evolved during its use at,, and Yahoo! Groups. Today many other projects and
websites are using it.

Version: 0.10.5

Library Functions

cBroadcast broadcast signal to all waiting threads.
cCreate initialize a condition variable.
cDestroy destroy a condition variable.
cSignal send signal to one waiting thread.
cWait wait a condition variable signal.
cgi_cookie_authority determine the cookie authority for a domain
cgi_cookie_clear clear browser cookie
cgi_cookie_set Set a browser Cookie
cgi_cs_init initialize CS parser with the CGI defaults
cgi_debug_init initialize standalone debugging
cgi_destroy deallocate the data associated with a CGI
cgi_display render and display the CGI output to the user
cgi_error display an error string to the user
cgi_filehandle return a file pointer to an uploaded file
cgi_init Initialize ClearSilver CGI environment
cgi_neo_error display a NEOERR call backtrace
cgi_output display the CGI output to the user
cgi_parse Parse incoming CGI data
cgi_redirect send an HTTP 302 redirect response
cgi_redirect_uri send an HTTP 302 redirect response
cgi_register_parse_cb Register a parse callback
cgi_url_escape url escape a string
cgi_url_escape_more url escape a string
cgi_url_unescape unescape an url encoded string
cgi_url_validate validate that url is of an allowed format
cgi_vredirect send an HTTP 302 redirect response
cgiwrap_getenv the wrapper for getenv
cgiwrap_init_emu initialize cgiwrap for emulated use
cgiwrap_init_std Initialize cgiwrap with default functions
cgiwrap_iterenv iterater for env vars
cgiwrap_putenv wrap the putenv call
cgiwrap_read cgiwrap input function
cgiwrap_write wrapper for the fwrite(stdout)
cgiwrap_writef a wrapper for printf
cgiwrap_writevf a wrapper for vprintf
cs_destroy clean up and dealloc a parse tree
cs_dump dump the cs parse tree
cs_init create and initialize a CS context
cs_parse_file parse a CS template file
cs_parse_string parse a CS template string
cs_register_esc_strfunc cs_register_strfunc with escaping context
cs_register_fileload register a fileload function
cs_register_strfunc register a string handling function
cs_render render a CS parse tree
dictCleanup cleanup dictionary
dictCreate create new dictionary.
dictDestroy destroy dictionary.
dictModifyValue create/modify an item.
dictNext search for next value in dictionary.
dictReleaseLock release lock on value.
dictRemove remove item from dictionary.
dictSearch search for value in dictionary.
dictSetValue set/reset an items value.
fCreate create a file lock.
fDestroy destroy a lock.
fFind find a file lock.
fLock acquire file lock.
fUnlock release file lock.
filter_create_fd Create a sub process and return the requested pipes
filter_create_fp similar to filter_create_fd except with buffered FILE*
filter_wait wrap waitpid to decode the exitcode and why your filter quit
hdf_copy copy part of an HDF dataset to another
hdf_destroy deallocate an HDF data set
hdf_dump dump an HDF dataset to stdout Description: Input: Output: Returns:
hdf_dump_format dump an HDF dataset to FILE *fp Description: Input: Output: Returns:
hdf_dump_str dump an HDF dataset to STRING Description: Input: Output: Returns:
hdf_get_attr Description: Input: Output: Returns:
hdf_get_child return the first child of the named node
hdf_get_copy Returns a copy of a string in the HDF data set
hdf_get_int_value Return the integer value of a point in the data set
hdf_get_node Similar to hdf_get_obj except all the nodes are created if the don't exist.
hdf_get_obj return the HDF data set node at a named location
hdf_get_value Return the value of a node in the data set
hdf_get_valuef Return the value of a node in the data set
hdf_get_valuevf Return the value of a node in the data set
hdf_init Initialize an HDF data set
hdf_obj_attr Return the HDF Attributes for a node Description: Input: Output: Returns:
hdf_obj_child Return the first child of a dataset node
hdf_obj_name Return the name of a node
hdf_obj_next Return the next node of a dataset level
hdf_obj_top Return the pointer to the top dataset node
hdf_obj_value Return the value of a node
hdf_read_string read an HDF string Description: Input: Output:
hdf_read_string_ignore Read an HDF string and ignore errors Description: Input: Output:
hdf_register_fileload register a fileload function
hdf_remove_tree delete a subtree of an HDF dataset Description: Input: Output: Returns:
hdf_search_path Find a file given a search path in HDF
hdf_set_attr Description: Input: Output: Returns:
hdf_set_buf Set the value of a node without duplicating the value
hdf_set_copy hdf_set_copy -> Copy a value from one location in the dataset to another
hdf_set_int_value Set the value of a named node to a number
hdf_set_symlink Set part of the tree to link to another
hdf_set_value Set the value of a named node
hdf_set_valuef Set the value of a named node
hdf_sort_obj sort the children of an HDF node
hdf_write_file write an HDF data file Description: Input: Output:
hdf_write_file_atomic write an HDF data file atomically
hdf_write_string serialize an HDF dataset to a string Description: Input: Output:
mCreate initialize a mutex.
mDestroy destroy a mutex.
mLock lock a mutex.
mUnlock unlock a mutex.
nerr_error_string nerr_error_string
nerr_error_traceback nerr_error_traceback
nerr_handle nerr_handle
nerr_ignore nerr_ignore
nerr_init nerr_init
nerr_log_error nerr_log_error
nerr_match nerr_match
nerr_pass nerr_pass
nerr_pass_ctx nerr_pass_ctx
nerr_register nerr_register
skipDelete delete an item.
skipFreeList free a skip list.
skipInsert insert an item.
skipNewList create a skip list.
skipNext find next item.
skipRelease release lock on value.
skipSearch search a skip list.
wdb_keys wdb_keys