Package cjdns-tools

Nodejs tools for cjdns

Nodejs tools for cjdns. Highlights:
peerStats show current peer status
cjdnslog display cjdroute log
cjdns-traceroute trace route to cjdns IP
sessionStats show current crypto sessions

General Commands (Section 1)
Cjdroute has numerous log points. Cjdnslog enables and taps selected log points and sends the resulting log messages to stdout.
Because cjdns is end to end encrypted, the standard traceroute always shows a direct connection. Cjdns-traceroute queries cjdroute to discover what route would...
Cjdroute talks to a number of immediate peers configured in /etc/cjdroute.conf. These can be discovered dynamically on local networks if "beacon" is enabled...
Cjdroute always talks to other nodes over a "session" similar to a TLS session. A session is required not only to talk to each peer, but also when talking to...