Package chibi-scheme

Minimal Scheme implementation for use as an extension language

Chibi-Scheme is a very small library intended for use as an extension
and scripting language in C programs. In addition to support for
lightweight VM-based threads, each VM itself runs in an isolated
heap allowing multiple VMs to run simultaneously in different OS threads.

The default language is R7RS Scheme, with support for all libraries.
Support for additional languages such as JavaScript, Go, Lua and Bash
are planned for future releases. Scheme is chosen as a substrate because
its first class continuations and guaranteed tail-call optimization
makes implementing other languages easy.

Chibi-Scheme is known to work on 32 and 64-bit Linux, FreeBSD and OS X,
Plan9, Windows (using Cygwin), iOS, and Emscripten.

Version: 0.10.0

See also: chibi-scheme-devel.

General Commands

chibi-doc generate docs from Scheme scribble syntax
chibi-scheme a tiny Scheme interpreter