Package charliecloud-runtime

Charliecloud runtime tools

Charliecloud uses Linux user namespaces to run containers with no privileged
operations or daemons and minimal configuration changes on center resources.
This simple approach avoids most security risks while maintaining access to
the performance and functionality already on offer.

Container images can be built using Docker or anything else that can generate
a standard Linux filesystem tree.

For more information:

This package provides the tools to run Charliecloud containers.

Version: 0.24

General Commands

ch-checkns Check "ch-run" prerequisites, e.g., namespaces and "pivot_root(2)"
ch-mount Mount a SquashFS image file using FUSE
ch-run Run a command in a Charliecloud container
ch-run-oci OCI wrapper for "ch-run"
ch-ssh Run a remote command in a Charliecloud container
ch-umount Unmount a FUSE mounted squash filesystem and remove the mount point