Package charliecloud-builders

Charliecloud container image building tools

Charliecloud uses Linux user namespaces to run containers with no privileged
operations or daemons and minimal configuration changes on center resources.
This simple approach avoids most security risks while maintaining access to
the performance and functionality already on offer.

Container images can be built using Docker or anything else that can generate
a standard Linux filesystem tree.

For more information:

This package provides tools to build Charliecloud container images.

Version: 0.24

General Commands

ch-build Build an image and place it in the builder's back-end storage
ch-build2dir Build a Charliecloud image from Dockerfile and unpack it into a directory
ch-builder2squash Flatten a builder image into a Charliecloud SquashFS file
ch-builder2tar Flatten a builder image into a Charliecloud image tarball
ch-dir2squash Create a SquashFS file from an image directory
ch-fromhost Inject files from the host into an image directory, with various magic
ch-image Build and manage images; completely unprivileged
ch-pull2dir Pull image from a Docker Hub and unpack into directory
ch-pull2tar Pull image from a Docker Hub and flatten into tarball
ch-tar2dir Unpack an image tarball into a directory