Package ceph-common

Ceph Common

Common utilities to mount and interact with a ceph storage cluster.
Comprised of files that are common to Ceph clients and servers.

Version: 17.2.5

System Administration

ceph ceph administration tool
ceph-authtool ceph keyring manipulation tool
ceph-conf ceph conf file tool
ceph-dencoder ceph encoder/decoder utility
ceph-diff-sorted compare two sorted files line by line
ceph-post-file post files for ceph developers
ceph-rbdnamer udev helper to name RBD devices
ceph-syn ceph synthetic workload generator
crushdiff ceph crush map test tool
mount.ceph mount a Ceph file system
rados rados object storage utility
radosgw-admin rados REST gateway user administration utility
rbd manage rados block device (RBD) images
rbd-replay replay rados block device (RBD) workloads
rbd-replay-many replay a rados block device (RBD) workload on several clients
rbd-replay-prep prepare captured rados block device (RBD) workloads for replay
rbdmap map RBD devices at boot time
rgw-orphan-list list rados objects that are not indexed by rgw