Package ceph-base

Ceph Base Package

Base is the package that includes all the files shared amongst ceph servers

System Administration (Section 8)
ceph-create-keys is a utility to generate bootstrap keyrings using the given monitor when it is ready. It creates following auth entities (or users)...
ceph-deploy is a tool which allows easy and quick deployment of a Ceph cluster without involving complex and detailed manual configuration. It uses ssh to gain...
ceph-detect-init is a utility that prints the init system Ceph uses. It can be one of sysvinit, upstart or systemd. The init system Ceph uses may not be the...
cephfs is a control utility for accessing and manipulating file layout and location data in the Ceph distributed storage system.
ceph-run is a simple wrapper that will restart a daemon if it exits with a signal indicating it crashed and possibly core dumped (that is, signals 3, 4, 5, 6...
CRUSH map manipulation tool
monmaptool is a utility to create, view, and modify a monitor cluster map for the Ceph distributed storage system. The monitor map specifies the only fixed...
osdmaptool is a utility that lets you create, view, and manipulate OSD cluster maps from the Ceph distributed storage system. Notably, it lets you extract the...