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Package cdsclient

Tools to query databases at CDS


The cdsclient package is a set of C and shell routines which can be built on
Unix stations or PCs running Linux, which once compiled allow to query some
databases located at CDS or on mirrors over the network.

The cdsclient package includes two generic query programs:
- vizquery, a program to remotely query VizieR. It connects the VizieR server
  via the HTTP protocol (requires an access to the port 80)
- find_cats, a program for fast access to large surveys from a list of
  positions, via a dedicated client (requires an access to the port 1660)
  Specific programs like find2mass or finducac3 are connecting directly to one
  of the very large surveys available from CDS (a very large survey has 107
  or more rows).

Version: 3.84

General Commands

aclient aclient is a client application of the sk(3) functions.
wwwget wwwget gets one or several HTTP document(s) directly on the standard output. It avoids the usage of Netscape or similar browser.

Library Functions