Package cdk

Curses Development Kit

CDK stands for "Curses Development Kit". It contains a large number of ready
to use widgets which facilitate the speedy development of full screen curses

Library Functions
Library Function Description
cdk Curses Development Kit
cdk_alphalist curses sorted list widget.
cdk_binding Curses Development Kit Character Binding Capabilities.
cdk_button create and manage a curses button widget.
cdk_buttonbox Creates a managed curses buttonbox widget.
cdk_calendar curses calendar widget.
cdk_compat Cdk4 compatibility functions
cdk_dialog curses dialog widget
cdk_display Curses Development Kit Display Capabilities.
cdk_draw Cdk Drawing Functions
cdk_dscale curses scale widget (type double).
cdk_entry curses text-entry widget.
cdk_fscale curses scale widget (type float).
cdk_fselect curses file selector widget.
cdk_fslider curses slider widget (type float)
cdk_graph curses graph widget
cdk_histogram curses histogram widget
cdk_itemlist curses itemlist widget.
cdk_label Creates a managed curses label widget.
cdk_marquee curses marquee widget
cdk_matrix curses matrix widget.
cdk_mentry curses multiple line entry widget.
cdk_menu curses menu widget
cdk_misc Curses Development Kit Miscellaneous Routines
cdk_objs Cdk object-support functions
cdk_params Cdk command-line parsing
cdk_position curses widget positioning key-bindings
cdk_process curses widget pre/post-processing
cdk_radio curses radio list widget.
cdk_scale curses scale widget (type int).
cdk_screen Cdk Screen and Widget Manipulation Functions
cdk_scroll curses scrolling list widget.
cdk_selection curses selection list widget.
cdk_slider curses slider widget (type int)
cdk_swindow a curses scrolling window widget.
cdk_template a curses template widget.
cdk_traverse functions to support keyboard traversal
cdk_uscale curses scale widget (type unsigned).
cdk_uslider curses slider widget (type unsigned)
cdk_util Cdk utility functions
cdk_viewer curses viewer list widget.