Package cdist

Usable configuration management

cdist is a usable configuration management system. It adheres to the KISS
principle and is being used in small up to enterprise grade environments. cdist
is an alternative to other configuration management systems.

Version: 7.0.0

General Commands

cdist Usable Configuration Management
cdist-dump Dump data from local cdist cache
cdist-new-type Create new type skeleton


cdist-type__acl Set ACL entries
cdist-type__apt_backports Install backports
cdist-type__apt_default_release Configure the default release for apt
cdist-type__apt_key Manage the list of keys used by apt
cdist-type__apt_key_uri Add apt key from uri
cdist-type__apt_mark set package state as 'hold' or 'unhold'
cdist-type__apt_norecommends Configure apt to not install recommended packages
cdist-type__apt_pin Manage apt pinning rules
cdist-type__apt_ppa Manage ppa repositories
cdist-type__apt_source Manage apt sources
cdist-type__apt_unattended_upgrades automatic installation of updates
cdist-type__apt_update_index Update apt's package index
cdist-type__block Manage blocks of text in files
cdist-type__ccollect_source Manage ccollect sources
cdist-type__cdist Manage cdist installations
cdist-type__cdistmarker Add a timestamped cdist marker.
cdist-type__check_messages Check messages for pattern and execute command on match.
cdist-type__chroot_mount mount a chroot
cdist-type__chroot_umount unmount a chroot mounted by __chroot_mount
cdist-type__clean_path Remove files and directories which match the pattern.
cdist-type__config_file _Manages config files
cdist-type__consul Install consul
cdist-type__consul_agent Manage the consul agent
cdist-type__consul_check Manages consul checks
cdist-type__consul_reload Reload consul
cdist-type__consul_service Manages consul services
cdist-type__consul_template Manage the consul-template service
cdist-type__consul_template_template Manage consul-template templates
cdist-type__consul_watch_checks Manages consul checks watches
cdist-type__consul_watch_event Manages consul event watches
cdist-type__consul_watch_key Manages consul key watches
cdist-type__consul_watch_keyprefix Manages consul keyprefix watches
cdist-type__consul_watch_nodes Manages consul nodes watches
cdist-type__consul_watch_service Manages consul service watches
cdist-type__consul_watch_services Manages consul services watches
cdist-type__cron Installs and manages cron jobs
cdist-type__daemontools Install daemontools
cdist-type__daemontools_service Create a daemontools-compatible service dir.
cdist-type__debconf_set_selections Setup debconf selections
cdist-type__directory Manage a directory
cdist-type__docker install Docker CE
cdist-type__docker_compose install docker-compose
cdist-type__docker_config Manage Docker configs
cdist-type__docker_secret Manage Docker secrets
cdist-type__docker_stack Manage Docker stacks
cdist-type__docker_swarm Manage Swarm
cdist-type__dog_vdi Manage Sheepdog VM images
cdist-type__dot_file install file under user's home directory
cdist-type__download Download a file
cdist-type__dpkg_architecture Handles foreign architectures on debian-like systems managed by dpkg
cdist-type__file Manage files.
cdist-type__filesystem Create Filesystems.
cdist-type__firewalld_rule Configure firewalld rules
cdist-type__firewalld_start start and enable firewalld
cdist-type__git Get and or keep git repositories up-to-date
cdist-type__go_get Install go packages with go get
cdist-type__golang_from_vendor Install any version of golang from
cdist-type__grafana_dashboard Install Grafana (
cdist-type__group Manage groups
cdist-type__haproxy_dualstack Proxy services from a dual-stack server
cdist-type__hostname Set the hostname
cdist-type__hosts manage entries in /etc/hosts
cdist-type__hwclock Manage the hardware real time clock.
cdist-type__install_bootloader_grub install grub2 bootloader on given disk
cdist-type__install_chroot_mount mount a chroot with install command
cdist-type__install_chroot_umount unmount a chroot mounted by __install_chroot_mount
cdist-type__install_config run cdist config as part of the installation
cdist-type__install_coreos Install CoreOS
cdist-type__install_directory Manage a directory with install command
cdist-type__install_file Manage files with install command.
cdist-type__install_fstab generate /etc/fstab during installation
cdist-type__install_generate_fstab generate /etc/fstab during installation
cdist-type__install_mkfs build a linux file system
cdist-type__install_mount mount filesystems in the installer
cdist-type__install_partition_msdos creates msdos partitions
cdist-type__install_partition_msdos_apply Apply dos partition settings
cdist-type__install_reboot run reboot
cdist-type__install_reset_disk reset a disk
cdist-type__install_stage download and unpack a stage file
cdist-type__install_umount umount target directory
cdist-type__iptables_apply Apply the rules
cdist-type__iptables_rule Deploy iptable rulesets
cdist-type__issue Manage issue
cdist-type__jail Manage FreeBSD jails
cdist-type__jail_freebsd10 Manage FreeBSD jails
cdist-type__jail_freebsd9 Manage FreeBSD jails
cdist-type__key_value Change property values in files
cdist-type__keyboard Set keyboard layout
cdist-type__letsencrypt_cert Get an SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt
cdist-type__line Manage lines in files
cdist-type__link Manage links (hard and symbolic)
cdist-type__locale Configure locales
cdist-type__locale_system Set system-wide locale
cdist-type__localedef Define and remove system locales
cdist-type__motd Manage message of the day
cdist-type__mount Manage filesystem mounts
cdist-type__mysql_database Manage a MySQL database
cdist-type__mysql_privileges Manage MySQL privileges
cdist-type__mysql_user Manage a MySQL user
cdist-type__openldap_server Setup an openldap(4) server instance
cdist-type__package Manage packages
cdist-type__package_apk Manage packages with akp
cdist-type__package_apt Manage packages with apt-get
cdist-type__package_dpkg Manage packages with dpkg
cdist-type__package_emerge Manage packages with portage
cdist-type__package_emerge_dependencies Install dependencies for __package_emerge
cdist-type__package_luarocks Manage luarocks packages
cdist-type__package_opkg Manage packages with opkg
cdist-type__package_pacman Manage packages with pacman
cdist-type__package_pip Manage packages with pip
cdist-type__package_pkg_freebsd Manage FreeBSD packages
cdist-type__package_pkg_openbsd Manage OpenBSD packages
cdist-type__package_pkgng_freebsd Manage FreeBSD packages with pkg-ng
cdist-type__package_rubygem Manage rubygem packages
cdist-type__package_update_index Update the package index
cdist-type__package_upgrade_all Upgrade all the installed packages
cdist-type__package_yum Manage packages with yum
cdist-type__package_zypper Manage packages with zypper
cdist-type__pacman_conf Manage pacman configuration
cdist-type__pacman_conf_integrate Integrate default pacman.conf to cdist conform and vice versa
cdist-type__pf_apply_anchor Apply a pf(4) anchor on $__target_host
cdist-type__pf_ruleset Copy a pf(4) ruleset to $__target_host
cdist-type__ping Try to connect to host and return 'pong' on success
cdist-type__postfix Install postfix
cdist-type__postfix_master Configure postfix
cdist-type__postfix_postconf Configure postfix
cdist-type__postfix_postmap Run postmap on the given file
cdist-type__postfix_reload Tell postfix to reload its configuration
cdist-type__postgres_conf Alter PostgreSQL configuration
cdist-type__postgres_database Create/drop postgres databases
cdist-type__postgres_extension Manage PostgreSQL extensions
cdist-type__postgres_role Manage postgres roles
cdist-type__process Start or stop process
cdist-type__prometheus_alertmanager install Alertmanager
cdist-type__prometheus_exporter install some Prometheus exporters
cdist-type__prometheus_server install Prometheus
cdist-type__pyvenv Create or remove python virtual environment
cdist-type__qemu_img Manage VM disk images
cdist-type__rbenv Manage rbenv installation
cdist-type__rsync Mirror directories using rsync
cdist-type__rvm Install rvm for a given user
cdist-type__rvm_gem Manage Ruby gems through rvm
cdist-type__rvm_gemset Manage gemsets through rvm
cdist-type__rvm_ruby Manage ruby installations through rvm
cdist-type__sed Transform text files with sed
cdist-type__sensible_editor Select the sensible-editor
cdist-type__service Run action on a system service
cdist-type__snakeoil_cert Generate self-signed certificate
cdist-type__ssh_authorized_key Manage a single ssh authorized key entry
cdist-type__ssh_authorized_keys Manage ssh authorized_keys files
cdist-type__ssh_dot_ssh Manage .ssh directory
cdist-type__sshd_config Manage options in sshd_config
cdist-type__staged_file Manage staged files
cdist-type__start_on_boot Manage stuff to be started at boot
cdist-type__sysctl manage sysctl settings
cdist-type__systemd_service Controls a systemd service state
cdist-type__systemd_unit Install a systemd unit
cdist-type__timezone Allows one to configure the desired localtime timezone.
cdist-type__uci Manage configuration values in UCI
cdist-type__uci_section Manage configuration sections in UCI
cdist-type__ufw Install the Uncomplicated FireWall
cdist-type__ufw_rule A single UFW rule
cdist-type__unpack Unpack archives
cdist-type__update_alternatives Configure alternatives
cdist-type__user Manage users
cdist-type__user_groups Manage user groups
cdist-type__xymon_apache Configure apache2-webserver for Xymon
cdist-type__xymon_client Install the Xymon client
cdist-type__xymon_config Deploy a Xymon configuration-directory
cdist-type__xymon_server Install a Xymon server
cdist-type__yum_repo Manage yum repositories
cdist-type__zypper_repo Repository management with zypper
cdist-type__zypper_service Service management with zypper