Package ccze

A robust log colorizer

CCZE is a roboust and modular log colorizer, with plugins for apm,
exim, fetchmail, httpd, postfix, procmail, squid, syslog, ulogd,
vsftpd, xferlog and more.

General Commands (Section 1)
This manual page documents briefly the ccze utility, which is a drop-in replacement for colorize, but written in C, to be faster and less resource-hungry. The...
This manual page documents briefly the ccze-cssdump utility, which is a simple tool to dump the color setup of CCZE into Cascading Style Sheet format, to be...
Miscellanea (Section 7)
This manual page attempts to outline the internals of CCZE plugins: how they work, how they are implemented, and how to add new ones. There are four required...