Package catdoc

A program which converts Microsoft office files to plain text

catdoc is program which reads one or more Microsoft word files
and outputs text, contained insinde them to standard output.
Therefore it does same work for.doc files, as unix cat
command for plain ASCII files.
It is now accompanied by xls2csv - program which converts
Excel spreadsheet into comma-separated value file,
and catppt - utility to extract textual information
from Powerpoint files

General Commands (Section 1)
catdoc behaves much like cat(1) but it reads MS-Word file and produces human-readable text on standard output. Optionally it can use latex(1) escape sequences...
catppt reads MS-PowerPoint presentations and dumps its content to stdout.
wordview is simple GUI wrapper around catdoc(1) which allows to browse through word file interactively. It doesn't allow to edit file, but allows to save plain...
xls2csv reads MS-Excel spreadsheet and dumps its content as comma-separated values to stdout. Numbers are printed without delimiters, strings are enclosed in...